10 Websites To Help You To Become A Proficient In Autowatch Ghost Installers Midlands

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Autowatch Ghost Installers Midlands

Since car theft in Stourbridge is increasing, more people are seeking security products that are available on the market to safeguard their precious possessions. One such solution is the Autowatch Ghost immobiliser.

This CAN bus immobiliser will protect your car against hacking or key cloning and even ECU swapping. It utilizes the original vehicle buttons to create an individual PIN sequence that must be entered to allow the car to start.

Easy to install

The Autowatch Ghost is an immobiliser with a discrete, next-generation design, connects to the CAN data network in your vehicle and does not require additional wiring. It comes with an exclusive PIN code sequence that was developed by our team and then placed into the buttons on your dashboard or steering wheel in a particular order to disable the engine. The device is so small that it can be hidden within your vehicles harness making it difficult for a thief to locate. The device is also weatherproof and can be hidden away in the most unlikely locations of your vehicle.

Once installed after installation, the Ghost immobiliser cannot be detected by thieves using modern diagnostics to detect the presence of circuit breaks. The device doesn’t transmit radio frequencies that can be identified by RF scanning and code-grabbing technology. So even if the vehicle is copied, or stolen, it will stop your engine from starting.

It is compatible with all new cars. It is also a great option for cars like classics as well as sports and luxury models that need to store their batteries in a safe environment. The system comes with a service mode that allows you to temporarily disable your PIN code so a garage is able to work on your vehicle without knowing the code. The Autowatch Ghost 2 also comes with a tamperproof alarm and QR Fingerprint stickers that are registered to your car, so should your car be broken down for parts it can be traced back to you.

Autowatch Ghost 2 is an TASSA Verified product that is recognised by insurance companies. This can reduce your insurance premiums. TASSA is a seal of confidence in the security industry that a product has been independently tested and certified as operating according to its specifications. Many insurers reward customers with an TASSA-certified security system for their vehicle.

Autowatch is a leading brand for vehicle security. They have been in business for more than 20 years. They offer a wide range of products, which can be installed through their network. You can be assured that an authorised installer will install the product in a safe and correct manner in accordance with manufacturer guidelines and instructions.

No extra wiring

The Ghost is a discreet next-generation immobiliser that protects your vehicle from key cloning and theft. It connects to your vehicle’s CAN Data, and requires a user-defined PIN code to shut down the engine. This is entered via the buttons on your steering wheel & dashboard, in a certain sequence. The device is weatherproof and completely invisibly.

Everyday, more vehicles are taken without owners’ keys. The thieves are able to copy equipment and door lock pick sets, which allow them to steal cars in a matter of seconds. Ensure you don’t become a victim of car theft by safeguarding your vehicle with a ghost immobiliser from Autowatch Birmingham.

Like other immobilisers, The Ghost isn’t connected to your key fobs, and therefore can’t be weakened by cutting any wiring. It’s a small, weatherproof device that can be hidden within the wiring loom in your vehicle. This makes it virtually unnoticeable to thieves.

The Ghost is an TASSA Verified System, which means it can be acknowledged by insurance companies and could possibly lower your premium. It is also connected to the international security register, and is identified by QR finger print stickers placed on your vehicle.

Simple PIN code Change Process

The process of changing the PIN code for your Bmw X6 Ghost Installer is simple and quick to do. By using the Autowatch Ghost app on your iPhone, you can change the PIN code at any time. Just follow the steps and your new PIN code will be created. Make sure that your phone is Bluetooth connected to your vehicle. Then, you can enter your button disarm sequence to start the car. Be aware that if you change your PIN you must pair the Ghost again with the app.

The Autowatch Ghost is a secluded device that connects directly to the vehicle’s CAN data network. It comes with a unique code that we can configure with you during the installation and fitting. It is completely weatherproof and operates quietly using the buttons on your dashboard and steering wheel. It doesn’t have any LED indicators or operate using radio frequency signals which makes it inaccessible to thieves who use sophisticated RF scanning technology and codes grabbing systems to detect security systems sold aftermarket.

It is now TASSA recognized and approved by insurance companies that can help reduce your costs. It guards against key-cloning and hacking as well as ECU swapping in order to disable the engine of your vehicle. The QR codes are concealed in the bodywork, trim panels and other areas of the vehicle. This allows the owner of the vehicle to be identified even when it is stolen.

The GHOST-II is also equipped with a unique QR finger print sticker which is linked to the global secure register. The GHOST II also comes with a special QR finger print sticker that is connected to the international secure register.

It also offers protection from a new type of theft referred to as relay attack. This is where thieves steal the car they are after, and then employ a device to take control of the vehicle remotely, by spoofing the in-built security system. The GHOST II shields against this by preventing data transmission between the inbuilt security system and remote controller.

Small, weatherproof device

A small, weatherproof device is hidden within the wiring loom of your vehicle and once it’s hidden, it is impossible for thieves to spot. It’s designed to be as small as possible without compromising the functionality, and can be mounted by our expert installers. The Autowatch Ghost II Immobiliser utilizes the onboard CAN data network to communicate with your vehicle’s ECU to lock it. This is why it’s silent and cannot be detected by thieves who are listening for the distinctive clicking sound of a relay type immobiliser. It also prevents key cloning and ECU swapping which are frequently used to steal vehicles.

The Autowatch Ghost immobiliser provides high security, Bmw X6 Ghost Installer protection against key cloning and key theft. It’s TASSA certified, which is recognized by insurance companies and could reduce your premium. It works by blocking engine start by using a custom PIN code entered via buttons on the dashboard or wheel. The pin can be used for up to 20 press for extra security. If you forget the code or a button is damaged it, you can enter an emergency PIN that will disable the system.

With modern cars, the use of keyless entry and contactless smart key systems has made it easy for criminals to steal the keys to your car and access your vehicle. The Autowatch Ghost is the ideal solution to this problem. It’s designed to be as compact as it is discreet and utilizes the vehicle’s existing buttons. It’s simple to install and does not require wiring as it communicates with the on-board ECU directly via CAN data networks.

Because it is a CAN based system, there is no requirement for complex circuitry and the immobiliser can be adjusted to fit the majority of vehicles on the market with no additional components required. The CAN data networks has an added benefit of not being vulnerable to radio frequency scanning and code-grabbing methods.

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