The 9 Things Your Parents Taught You About Twin Pushchairs

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Buying a Twin Pushchair

When you are looking for a twin pushchair it’s important to think about the various configurations that are available. The main options are a tandem double buggy and side-by-side double buggies.

The iCandy Strawberry Twin buggy is a favorite among parents and will develop with your family. It is one-person buggy that can be converted to double by adding two carrycots or car seats.

Easy to manoeuvre

A double pushchair can be a lifesaver for families with twins, or a baby and toddler. Double buggys, or twin prams, as they are often referred to, are available in many different configurations that can be adapted to any family. Some are side-by-side, whereas others feature a single front and the other back for spaces that are narrow. Some are also able to be converted into single prams when your little ones outgrow them, making them an ideal option for growing families.

Side-by-side twin buggies (or tandem twin buggies) are easy to steer since their front wheels can be locked for added stability, and there’s generally more storage space behind them. They are also smaller than other twin buggies. This means they are more convenient to maneuver through doorways and public transport. They are lighter than other twin prams and can be more portable, but you might find it difficult to move them between kerbs or on rough terrain.

If you’re looking for a more streamlined twin pushchair, the iCandy Peach is a stylish option that comes in a range of colours. It’s also a great twin pushchair for infants and newborns, thanks to its cosy newborn cocoons that provide an enclosed, twin pushchairs flat space. It comes with a small basket, but it has impressive suspension so that it can handle bumpy surfaces.

A lot of twin buggies can be used as travel systems, meaning they come with car seats that can be attached to the frame. This is a great option for travelling with young babies and toddlers since you don’t have to move them from the car to the pushchair which could disturb them. The UPPAbaby Vista 2 is a good example of twin pushchairs that can be used as a travel device, and it even comes with a handy baby-facing mode for infants.

Tandem twin buggies are made for children of similar ages. They are more likely to have an individual seat for each child. They are less likely to have carrycots for babies younger than six months and tend to be wider than single buggies. They can be moved, however, and many have recline seats that are independent to allow both children to sit up or recline to snooze.

Folding is easy

If you’re considering buying a double pushchair, twin pushchairs you’ll probably want it to be easy to fold. This will make it simple to move the buggy around, and also put it away in smaller spaces. Most brands offer a number of ways to fold the pushchair so you’ll be able to find one that meets your requirements. Some models come with a shoulder strap that makes it easier to carry.

Most twin pushchairs can be folded using one hand, but it is worth checking before purchasing that yours will be able to do this. Some of the best travel pushchair models can fold with the seat taken out, making them even smaller. This is especially useful if you are short on storage space.

A twin pushchair that’s too large may not be able to pass through standard doors. The larger width of tandem buggies may be an issue therefore it is important to determine the door’s width before you buy. There are smaller models that are designed to fit through narrower doorways in the event that this is a problem.

In our tests In our lab tests, the UPPAbaby Vista was a winner for being easy to fold and compact when not in use. It can hold two infant car seats, as well as two toddler seats. This is a great choice for families growing. It also has an excellent large storage basket and foam-filled rubber tires that won’t go flat.

It’s more affordable than other models we’ve looked at and is a great choice for twins or babies with similar age. It can be used in conjunction with the comfort of a carrycot and a seat unit and it can accommodate three children with the addition of UPPAbaby’s PiggyBack board (sold separately).

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly double stroller, look into the Chicco Cortina Together. It can fit two Chicco infant car seats, making it suitable for twins as young as. It also has a large storage basket, as well as an easy-to-use brakes and handlebar.

Easy to store

It’s important to know that not all double buggies need to be bulky, large and difficult to store. There are a variety of models that are designed so they are slim and manageable. This makes them easier to be compact and make it easier to get in and out of a vehicle.

Some twin pushchairs (writes in the official Visitchattanooga blog) are lightweight which makes them easy to transport and handle busses, trains and shopping aisles. The UPPAbaby Vista 2 comes to mind, with its lightweight frame that is able to handle rough terrain and four-wheel suspension. With the addition of an “elevator board,” it can carry twins or a baby and toddler.

It is important to determine if the storage space is accessible when both seats are used. Some side-by-side configurations are difficult. The “one above and one below’ tandem design can also block access by children’s legs. Look for large compartments, baskets, and pockets that can accommodate everything from snacks and toys to sun cream and rain cover.

Consider the add-ons that are available. Some twin pushchairs come with an array of accessories that can be useful including drink holders for your little children to snack trays for older children. Look for models that have these features, as well as an integrated sun canopy, raincover and hood.

Many twin pushchairs can be transformed into a travel system to accommodate families that are growing, with the option to add a carrycot, buggy seats and car seat. This can be particularly useful for toddlers and infants since it guarantees they’re secure, comfortable and ready for every adventure. The egg2 is a very popular choice for this, due to its sleek design and flexibility, though it’s a bit heavier than some rivals.

If you’re on a budget there are plenty of great alternatives that are priced less than PS200. The iCandy Pegasus 2 with its large basket and storage that is easy to access in all seating positions is a fantastic option. It comes with a padded foot support as well as a waterproof cover.

Easy to transport

If you plan to utilize your twin buggy a lot for long-distance outings with the family and trips around town, then it’s worthwhile to invest in a model that folds down to a size that is small enough to be able to be carried in the car seat pram boot or in the trunk of a hired car. A compact, easy-to-manage design is also helpful for the narrow aisles and doors in public transport.

There are models that can be folded with the seats removed for smaller storage. They are ideal for use at home. You should consider the weight of the buggy too – heavier double buggies tend to be more difficult to maneuver and may struggle to make it up or down kerbs.

Most twin pushchairs have fixed side-by-side designs, with some that can accommodate two carrycots or seat units (and sometimes a third). Some twin pushchairs are suitable for single children with a gap of less than two years or siblings. The brilliant Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo, with its reversible seating, allows the children to face each other or you. It also has a variety of other configurations suitable for babies through toddlers.

It is easier to get on and off the bus, train or tram using a twin pushchair. It’s also good for busy cities and towns where you’ll be navigating lots of people in shopping centres, streets or even the streets.

If you’re seeking an oversized twin pushchair that will allow you to get off and on public transport without difficulty, we recommend a model like the UPPAbaby Vista 2 – a sleek and stylish city buggy that can be used with two babies in the newborn cocoons that come with it or with one baby and an older child, thanks to its clever’sidepack’ (available separately for PS45). This provides a second seat that attaches to the back of the frame and can be used in either direction. You can even add piggyback boards (also sold separately for PS120) to take three kids on longer outings.

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